Wet cleaning or “green dry cleaning” is a non toxic, environmentally safe, organic alternative to dry cleaning. Free of “Perc” and other toxic chemicals. Mother Nature provides us with the most important ingredient which is water. Wet cleaning is environmentally friendly because no toxic chemicals are released into our air, our water or the clothing we wear.

At Premier Cleaners we care about every individual garment using our combined in house experience of 25 years to ensure every garment is clean and fresh.

The Premier Dry Cleaner experience starts off with examination of fabric and fiber content. Garments are then pre treated for soil and stains. Once ready for cleaning, clothing is placed in our state of the art washing machines that limit water absorption and monitor both agitation and temperature. All detergents and conditioners used in the wet cleaning process are biodegradable. Our technology is so advanced that it is more delicate than hand washing. Clothing labeled “dry-clean only” is now wet cleaned safely and effectively using Premier Dry Cleaners advanced wet cleaning system.

Once wet cleaned, garments are finished with the most up to date pressing and tensioning equipment. The craftsmen at Premier know and understand the appropriate way to hand finish garments so that proper shape and appearance is maintained.

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