A Family Business with a Vision

Shobha Vedantam, the driving force behind Premier, was at home with two young children in 2002 when the idea of running a dry cleaning business came to her. She was excited by the opportunity to apply her corporate marketing experience to a new business as well as the opportunity to create a family-focused business that would allow flexibility in tending to her own family while building strong ties with customers. She knew she had a unique business model to introduce to Ottawa’s dry cleaning scene and that model quickly turned into a successful business.

Starting out with a single walk-in location, Premier has expanded over the years to include … more walk-in depots as well as contract work for multiple dry cleaning depots in Ottawa.

With its reputation for undertaking quality cleaning, alterations and repairs, Premier’s business grew quickly by word of mouth. With the launch of its Business to Business (B2B) and corporate customer division, many government departments and corporate clients have now become a part of Premier’s customer base. They appreciate Premier’s quality work and ability to complete large orders within extremely tight timeframes.

Walk-in customers are at the heart and soul of Premier’s business -they have come to know Premier as the place to go for the best results. Attention to detail, experience in working with specialty garments, and clear communication all distinguish Premier for its customers.

Premier is continuously expanding. We are adding new locations like our new state of the art production facility at 1020 Merivale Road, Ottawa.

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