Dry Cleaning

At Premier Cleaners we care about every individual garment using our combined in house experience of 25 years to ensure every garment is clean and fresh.


Alterations and Repairs

Whether you need an garment hemmed, buttons replaced or complete tailoring services, we can help.


Bridal Services

We can preserve bridal gowns, restore an older gown or make alterations to its original beauty. Never lose the memory of beauty.


Eco Friendly Cleaning

At Premier Cleaners we are 100% Perc free! This means every article of clothing is cleaned with only Class IIIA solvents that comply with the clean air act.


Corporate Dry Cleaning

Premier Cleaners offers employees of small, medium and large businesses on premises pick up and drop off dry cleaning services. To set up an account contact Premier Cleaners.

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How do you dry clean Silk items?

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