Over the years, and with the experience of having cleaned thousands of wedding dresses and bridal and or bridal gowns, Premier Dry Cleaners has developed the skills and advanced wet cleaning procedures to safely remove stains from all fabrics including gowns constructed of silk and satin. Few cleaners are capable of matching Premier Dry Cleaner’s technology and superior stain removal successes. Here is an overview of our cleaning and preservation procedure.

  1. Inspect thoroughly for stains, wear, age and oxidation.
  2. Custom Spotting and thorough stain removal.
  3. Professional Wet Cleaning using advanced biodegradable detergents and conditioners.
  4. Premier Dry Cleaners advanced cleaning technology is gentler than hand washing.
  5. Post cleaning stain removal if needed.
  6. Tighten beading and seams as required. Replace any missing ornamentation.
  7. Custom hand finishing and pressing.
  8. Customer Inspection of the gown prior to boxing.
  9. Package using quality acid-free box with acid-free tissue.
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