Premier Dry Cleaners offers a complete alteration and repair department, where our gifted staff of professionals dedicates their attention to preserving the look and feel of all garments they handle. Whether it is altering new clothing or repairing well loved garments our staff will meet all your expectations. We specialize in ALL repairs including euro hemming, patching of jeans, and leather garments. Our alteration department is conveniently located on the premises and a selection of tailors is on site to handle all customer requests.

We specialize in the following Alteration & Repair services:

  • All types of clothing alterations and repairs
  • Dress Alterations
  • Wedding Dress Alterations
  • Suit Alterations
  • European Hemming for Jeans
  • Patching Jeans
  • Torn or Ripped Jeans Repairs
  • Same Day Alteration and Repairs
  • Leather & Suede Repairs
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