Adding value for customers

If you don’t know Premier Dry Cleaners already, you may want to discover what makes this business so unique the next time your clothes need special attention.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Premier has focused it’s attention on reducing environmental immpact.Hence we have invested in the very newest in cleaning technology, using only ClassIII A solvents. This complies with the clean air act. Premier is a leader in green dry cleaning practices in Ottawa.

Our History

Ottawa’s Premier Dry Cleaner in more ways than one

A commitment to quality, environmental stewardship and the best possible customer service has enabled family business Premier Dry Cleaners to establish a large and loyal customer base in less than a decade.

Canadian Fabricare Association
Top Choice Award
CNET Professional Textile Care
Drycleaning & Laundry Institute Intl.

Some of our Frequently Asked Questions!

How is Premier Dry Cleaners better?

We offer the best care and services around town for the lsat 20 years.

Will my dry cleaned garments be odor-free and ready to wear?

We are professional drycleaners and are skilled in keeping the drycleaning solvent clean and pure. We are also intent on using proper drying procedures making your garments odor-free and ready to wear.

My evening dress has beads and rhinestones. Can you ensure that they are safe during cleaning process?

Yes, we have a special machine that uses a solvent that is not as agressive as traditional drycleaning solvent used by others. We are 100 % PERC free

Does drycleaning shorten the life of a garment?

Drycleaning prolongs a garments life. Not only do stains set with age, making the garment unwearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as abrasives, causing rapid wear of fibers. Insects are attracted to soiled clothes and cause further damage.


At Premier Cleaners we are 100% Perc free! This means every article of clothing is cleaned with only Class IIIA solvents that comply with the clean air act.

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