Is your landlord objecting to you having a dry cleaning plant on premises?

Want to increase your Profit ?

Not happy with high overhead costs?

Want to offer your customers , 100% Eco Friendly cleaning using latest technology ?

If your Plant breaks down?

Bring your cleaning to us, if you are a drycleaner, you can clean and press your customers clothes at our plant.

You only pay a nominal fee to use the production facility. We offer very competitive rates tailored to meet your requirements.

The Plant can be rented 24×7 based on your requirement.

Call Premier at 613-262-8724

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Lots of Parking Space

Some questions you might have:

How is Premier Dry Cleaners better?

Can you get stains out of my jeans?

How many coupons can I use at Premier?

My son ripped his pants. Can you repair them?

Do you take bedsheets?

Are you really 100% Perc free?

How often do you send out promotions?

How do you dry clean Silk items?

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