Premier Cleaners is a successful high quality dry cleaning company operating in the captial region.

Franchise Requirement:

  • Individuals having passion for customer service.
  • Age no bar.
  • Must have ownership or lease a retail space. (if you are currently a business owner and wish to add a Dry cleaning Depot as additional revenue)
  • Interested individuals must send their details by email.
  • Investment requirement and profitability may vary with location, size of shop, payroll and economic conditions.

Premier Cleaners will Provide :

  • Shop setup.
  • Training.
  • Dry cleaning & Pressing.
  • Daily pickup and delivery.
  • Marketing & Advertising for revenue generation.
  • Customized point of sale system (POS)

Current Opportunities:

  • Barrhaven Area
  • Nepean
  • Orleans
  • Kanata

Call Nitesh for further information at 613-262-8724

Premier Cleaners can help you get out of an existing Franchise. Contact us

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