3777 Strandherd Dr,

Nepean , Ottawa K2J 4B1
Mon - Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9am - 6pm 9 - 7 9 - 6 9 - 3 Closed


281 Greenbank Rd,

Nepean, Ontario K2H 8K9
Mon. to Fri. Saturday Sunday
10am - 8pm 10am - 5pm 11am - 4pm

Lincoln Fields Mall

2525 Carling Ave,

Nepean, Ontario K2B 8J6
Mon. to Fri. Saturday Sunday
9am - 6pm 9:30 - 1:30 Closed

Merivale Road

1020 Merivale Rd,

Ottawa Ontario K1Z 6A5
Mon. to Fri. Saturday Sunday
7am - 6pm 9:30 - 1:30 Closed


1600 Forest Valley Dr

Orleans On K1C 6X7
Mon. to Fri. Saturday Sunday
7am - 7pm 9am - 4pm Closed

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Are you really 100% Perc free?

How often do you send out promotions?

How do you dry clean Silk items?

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